Body Talk - My curvy pear shape

Ever wondered why something looks so great on a mannequin, or your bff, but when you try it on it doesn't do your body any justice?

There are 5 main body shapes out there and the more you know about what your shape is, and exactly how to dress it, the less time and money you'll waste shopping and trying to pick out those perfect items.

Today, I'm gonna talk to you about what my shape is. I'll give you insight in how to figure out if you're the same shape as me (you lucky, lucky lady) 😉, tips and tricks for dressing this shape and what clothes to look for and what to avoid. 

Alright, so imagine you're looking at a pear. (or you can actually look at the pear below) 😁


A pear is curvy with a small top and big bottom. If you're a pear, typically your pant size will be 1-2 sizes larger than your top. You normally have narrow shoulders and a small chest, but where you lack in "the girls", you more than make up for in that juicy booty! (I heard 'juicy booty' in a rap song the other day, I almost died laughing and thought I HAVE to remember that one! 😂😂 I mean, pears are juicy, ammiright?) As a pear, you'll also have a well defined waistline and usually pretty toned arms

So, the results are in, and you're a pear - now what? 

When you're dressing your body, no matter what shape you are, you always want to remember this: accentuate your best assets and minimize the not so-fab-parts. (Obvi every part of you is FAB, but you get the picture 😘) As a pear, we're going to want to draw attention to our small waistline and shoulders, and work to camouflage our thicker thighs and butt.

But Chelsea, HOW do I do this.....? Well, it's really quite simple, I promise!

We want to look for

  • Brighter colors & patterns
  • Embellishments, cutouts and open shoulders
  • Boat necks and v-necks
    This will draw the eye up to our smaller assets and actually make us appear slimmer.
You'll want to avoid:
  • Anything oversized or baggy 
  • Jackets with pockets at the hip area
  • Turtle necks.


When shopping:

  • Dark colored boot cuts are best!
  • High-waisted, a-line skirts
  • Anything patterned
  • Bright colored
  • Embellishments around the hips. 



DRESSES: Dresses can be a little tricker to find, since our bottom half is typically a size or two larger than our top half. You may run into issues of the top part of a dress falling off your shoulders, while the bottom half fits just a little too snugly. Alas! There is hope!

When you're looking for a dress:

  • A-line is the way to go, that way you can size down to fit your chest and since an a-line skirt will skim right over your booty, you don't have to worry about juggling the whole different size thing.
  • Strapless
  • For length stick to a maxi or just slightly above the knee.


ACCESSORIES: Two words: Statement. Necklace. A stylish and overstated necklace will draw the eye up to our smallest parts as well as a great pair of earrings!


Remember, these are just general rules for dressing your shape (and like I like to say, rules are meant to be broken, just ask my mom 😏). You should wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident in yourself and just use these "rules" as guidelines to help you down the right path. As a pear, I shouldn't wear skinny jeans, but I don't think I own anything but! Speaking of butt, I enjoy showing off my curves and booty, so I wear things that accentuate both my top AND bottom. You do you, girl!

Let me know how you're implementing this style tips into your pear shape wardrobe!

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Until next time,
xoxo -Chelsea

"Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it!" 

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