My 8 Road Trip Essentials

It's starting to feel a lot like summer out there which can only mean one thing: ROAD TRIP. I don't know about you, but picking up on the weekend for a fun little getaway, especially during the summer, is one of my fav things to do! In today's post, I'm sharing with you my 8 road trip essentials to make the most of your weekend away.

#1 & 2 - Jean jacket & a good book

No matter where you're heading, packing a light jacket is so necessary! Weather can be incredibly unpredictable, temps can dip at night, even in the warmest of places. Make sure you have a little something packed to keep your arms covered and warm. Road trips are great for catching up on that reading you've been putting off lately. 😉 If you're like me and you tend to get car sick, pick up some non-drowsy Dramamine or Bonine to help with motion sickness while reading in the car.

#3 - Flippy flops

Flip flops are a MUST when traveling anywhere! Heading down to the poolside or the beach? Showering in a campground? You don't want to have to slip on those heels you packed, or take time to lace up those tennies, flip flops are fab for a quick slip on and go!

#4, 5 ,6 - Hat, sunnies & plenty of water

I mean, let's be honest, hats are essential in my wardrobe, I think I wear a hat at least 1-2 (okay, sometimes 3 to 4) times a week! But hats are a must when traveling when you don't wanna take the extra time to fix your hair and just like sunglasses, they are great for keeping your eyes protected from the harmful rays of the sun! Something I always bring on a road trip? A case of water! You can buy a case of water for the same amount as two bottles at a gas station. Save money, snag a case and toss it in the backseat. 

#7 & 8 - Blanket & pillow


Where are my ladies at that are always cold?✋ Having a blanket by your side, when traveling, is great for keeping you warm and comfy! Especially if the person, or people, you're traveling with tend to be on the warmer side. And of course you need a pillow so when the urge hits to catch a quick catnap in the car, you'll be prepared!

Where are you headed this summer? Which of my 8 road trip essentials will be accompanying you on your next vacay?

"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us"

Until next time,
xoxo Chelsea

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