My FIRST outfit challenge

Hello again beautiful people! This week, I'm keeping it nice and light-hearted and just talking fashion. In today's post, I wanted to show you an item I had in my closet, that I've never worn (you know those items you buy, but don't try on in store - guilty!✋) and show you how I changed it up to fit my body shape and worked it into my wardrobe.

Insert the baseball tee below:


I think I tried wearing this shirt 5 or 6 times before I made up my mind that I really didn't like it, for a couple reasons:

Reason #1 - The hanger, hangers? (honestly, I have no idea what these things are actually called) but they drive me bonkers. Not only do they ALWAYS end up making their way out of my shirt, but they left little bumps under this pretty sheer top.

Reason #2 - It was a tad too long on me and the top of my jeans peeked through. 

Reason #3 - My body shape is a pear, meaning I'm smaller on top and bigger on the bottom half. This top was actually a little bigger on my top half and tighter on my bottom half, which isn't flattering for my shape. I like to draw intention to my smaller waistline and take the attention away from the booty. (most of the time) 😉

But Chelsea, you're naming so many things you didn't like - how did you actually style this top and make it work into your wardrobe?? I'm so glad you asked!

1st- I cut off those annoying hanger thingys. Seriously, these are awful. Get rid of them, wrap a rubberband around your hanger, and it'll hold up those items that tend to go rogue!

2nd - To shorten the top, and make it tighter around my waistline, I knotted the front of it. 

I call this my casual chic look (or in other words, I wanna look half way put together, but spend 5 whole minutes actually getting ready!)

For accessories, I added in a fun trucker hat, a dainty gold necklace and my go-to olive booties. Voila! I now have a fun way to wear this top, that before this, probably would have stayed in my closet, tags still attached, for the next 3 months!

I now pass this challenge on to YOU! Find an item in your closet that you haven't worn yet, how can you style it so that it works with your body shape and style? Need some extra help? I may know someone..... 😏

"I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere. Then I asked myself the same question..."

Did you really think I wouldn't leave you with a little more than just the fashion tidbit? If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this yesterday, if you don't yet, whatcha waiting for?! @Style.By.Chelsea

Until next time,
xoxo Chelsea

Photos by the always amazing Cham Phan

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