What exactly is it that you do, Chelsea?... And a quote that may just blow your mind!

So before I get into what it is that I do, I wanted to share a quote with you that I heard (I'm not 100% sure where it came from) but anyways, it went something like this: 

"Why do you stay in prison, when the door is wide open?"

When I heard this I literally said out loud, "WOAH!!" Mind. Immediately. Blown. 

How freaking intense is that line? Think about it. How often do we see what we want right in front of us, it's within arm's reach (or maybe it's a block away because we still have a lot of work to do) but instead of reaching out and grabbing it, or sprinting to the other side of the street, we simply give up because it's just too hard, or there's just too many unknowns or we worry that our neighbors or friends may find us just a little too crazy.

I'm guilty of this. 

We all are. Fear is one the biggest factors that holds us back from doing exactly what it is that we want to do in life. But what is it that we are so fearful of? For me, one of my driving forces is fear of failure. I hate failing. Like REALLY hate it. When I sit down and look at why I actually hate to fail, it's because I don't want to look silly, or stupid or incompetent. And when I dive even deeper into this, what I'm faced with is my own insecurities. I promise you, most people in this world are so engrossed with their own lives, they won't even notice your failures. Sure, the people closest to you may mention something. But, those that are dear to you, those that love you the most, those are the people that will pick you up when you've fallen flat, brush off your hands and knees and remind you how freaking awesome you truly are!

Okay, I know I get a little ranty sometimes, I promise not every one of my blogs will be this way. I honestly started this post with what I have written next, but I heard this quote a few days ago, I wrote it down, and I KNEW I had to share it with you all! So hopefully you found it as impactful as I did!!

So, I have a lot of people ask me, "What exactly do you do, Chelsea?" Apart from running my own boutique for the past 8 years (which in all honesty, I have THE most amazing employees who make my part in the company pretty miniscule) I also do personal styling!

But what is personal styling and why did you get started? Well funny that you should ask. :)

When I work in the boutique, I talk with women daily about their body image issues, from 'I just had a baby and have no idea how to dress my new body' to 'I like wearing all black because I prefer to just blend in' and the one I hate hearing the most 'I hate shopping, I can never find anything that looks good on me and I always walk away sad and disappointed.' (Insert the largest sad, crying face here) After hearing these statements, and so many more like it, I knew it was time to start teaching women exactly how to dress their amazing and unique bodies, and to give that inner confidence a big ole' boost!

I've been doing personal styling on and off, for around 3 years, since moving to Sioux Falls. Not until recently, have I actually started advertising my services, as I didn't have nearly the time to grow then. But now that I have amazing employees (see comment above) it's time for me to kick up this Style by Chelsea biz a notch and really see how many women's lives I can help and impact!

Okay, okay, Chelsea. I get all of that, but what is this Closet Makeover nonsense?

Picture this. Me. You. Your Closet. (Maybe a bottle of wine?) Sold yet? ;)

In a Closet Makeover, we start by talking about what your body shape is, what you should wear, what you should avoid and then we search your closet for those items. Along with it, we talk about what your day to day wardrobe looks like, what date nights consist of and if you have any upcoming trips. We then pull from your closet items that are ill fitting, worn out or dated. There will be items I have you try on, items you knew you should have parted with before, but are more confident now, and possibly items you absolutely don't want to give up. (No matter how hard I fight you) :D

After we've gone through all your clothes, shoes and accessories - the magic begins! I let you get back to your busy life and I begin putting together your very own personalized look book. Everything you own, in complete head to toe outfits. I also make note of items your closet could really use: a colored flat, black belt, printed leggings, etc... And then in 1-2 weeks delivered to you, will be a book you can reference every day when you're getting ready, packing for a trip or getting dressed for girl's night!

Think about this. How much time would you save in the morning if instead of trying on everything in your closet to find that perfect outfit (and turning your closet, or bedroom, into a tornado aftermath tragedy), you could just grab your book, flip to a page, and know that entire look was flawlessly put together for you? 

So how 'bout it? Are you ready to take the first step forward to helping bring out the more confident you? What's holding you back? I mean what's REALLY holding you back? If it's the fear of the unknown, call me 605-730-2451 or email me chelstracy@gmail.com, I'm happy to chat with you about any questions you may have! If it's the fear of costplease remember you are INVESTING in yourself and how much money would you actually save if the next time you went shopping you only bought items you would wear because you knew how to dress your body shape?

You're amazing! I thank you for your continued love and support and I look forward to connecting with you soon! 

All my love,

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